The 365 Photos Challenge #8 Graham Ref Cake

My children had been requesting me to make graham ref cake for so long. I just kept ignoring them because the ingredients are costly. I can’t afford to buy all ingredients. Luckily one of the group where I am member gifted us with grocery package. Some of ingredients for ref cake are includes. My children contributed their money to buy graham crackers, butter, and nestle cream.

Later thay night I started preparing all the ingredients. One fourth of the butter, 2 packs of nestle cream and a can of condensed milk are mixed over a low heat fire until the butter is completely melted. Then set aside. Prepare the graham crackers. Arrange it on a container then put some butter mixture over it. Again arrange some graham crackers and pour some butter mixture over it. On the 3rd layer put some chopped fruits overr it and butter mixture. Let it chill in a chiller.

Serve it cold with a cup of coffee and a nice chat to enjoy it.

When my kids woke up, they immediatetly looked for the graham ref cake. They were so happy that they can not wait to eat. I can not help but laugh and be very happy at their expressions. It was all worth it. Thank God for giving me such wonderlful children.


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