Taste Test – 1

Chully Davis actually came came up with the idea;  save a bundle on adverts, on hiring all kinds of ‘experts’ by giving taste tests at various venues and inviting the public to select the name of their new soft drink.

All the Board Members loved the idea, and put it forward, and everyone thought they were onto something.

They’d dispatch a bunch of nice people to set up tasting bays as various supermarkets,  and let the public pick a name!

Some thought of putting computers there, others that they should write down the name and put it in a box.

Stan Green said;  “And who is going to go through all the names, write them down in some chart, go back and forth for hours and hours, when a computer can list them all and people can vote, online, once the names are cut to ten or so?”

As they lived in the modern age, voting online was selected.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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