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Voting and Celebrities

I really don’t understand why any common person would care about the political views of celebrities. They have nothing in common with the common people. They don’t have the same struggles, the same goals, or the same perspective. Nancy Pelosi is a great example. Although her fame is political, she called the tax cuts that the common people were mere crumbs. She is not wrong. However she seems discount that there are millions trying to survive and build a life for their family on those crumbs.

I may really enjoy watching Ellen on television. She is quite funny. However, when the politics comes up I have to leave. 

I believe is good to read and study before you vote. It is nice if you can find someone who at least agrees with some of your core values and understands your circumstances. But voting the way an actor votes probably won’t improve your life as a commoner. 

Consider the source as much as you would the actuals words.

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    Do gather advice for celebrities on purchases you make?

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  1. If they can offer intelligent and relatable solutions, and recognizable lawful results to the problems of our day. Otherwise, I just automatically shut down the noise (mute the video or change the channel). We don’t own a TV, thankfully.

  2. I wouldn’t be so quick to say that celebrities don’t have the same struggles, goals, or perspectives as everyday people. After all, many celebrities are just everyday people who have achieved a certain amount of fame and fortune. Many of them were once an average Joe or Jane just like the commoners, i.e. the rest of us. But I don’t really like the idea of celebrities peddling their “influence”. I mean … some people will follow someone, accept someone, or even vote for someone, just because a celebrity endorses or supports that someone. An intelligent voter doesn’t really need a celebrity to tell them who to vote for.

  3. Most celebrities I avoid like the plague discussing politics since they live in a make believe world. When I try to tweet them kind comments, I get crickets. But If I tweet that they are overrated and their super hero movies stink, I get insults like “How can you live with yourself?” Answer to the actor who played Iron Man is to spend one day at La Palma in the Darien Province and you will find out how the other side of the fence lives. Happy as can be.

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