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Plantain – a sacred herb

Plantain have healing properties attributed to the ancient Chinese, Greeks and Romans. Most often it was used for healing wounds, after being known today. Equally successfully treats the respiratory diseases, soothes dry cough, it helps in the treatment of skin diseases and eases digestive problems.

We gather it during the flowering season from April to October. It grows practically everywhere, on roads, in the meadows or fences.

In the old Herbal books plantain are recommended for as many as 24 different diseases. It contains tannins, pectin, lemon acid, vitamin C, and saponozide fitoncide, mucilages, oils, proteins and sugar. Due to its components, it acts as a natural antibiotic. It helps in the treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, cleans the airways and relieves inflammation of the mucous membranes, therefore widely used cough suppressant and to treat bronchitis, asthma etc.

Recommended to treat minor wounds, scratches, burns, insect bites, acne and rosacea. In such cases, it is sufficient to take the sheet plantain, rinse it well under running water, squash it between your fingers and press on the wound.


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