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She Loves Unicorns

I undersand! She loves unicorns and yes we can try and make unicorn cupcakes. Try being the key word for me I am not a decorator. You can eat tasty treats here, and I am not fabulous at making them cute or pretty.  Her mother says, but we have a picture. 

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I look at the wonderful picture and say, “Well I can make the cupcakes. I can buy the round things and sprinkles. That is 100% where my talents come to an end.”

I offered to go the bakery and show them what she wanted and create it that way.

“No, I really want us to do this for her together, you and me.”

“Again, I can buy the do-dads and watch you, cheer you on and clap for whatever turns out, this is not my thing. My frosting doesn’t even swirl nicely.”

Her response was “Then you are refusing to help me.”

“Technically yes, I will bake the cupcakes, get you the decorating items and be as supportive as possible while watching you create.”

She responded, “Never mind, I am certain I can find a talented and willing friend.”

“Great! The ingredients and items will be delivered to your door tomorrow. I look forward to seeing how they turn out.”

“Wait, you don’t even feel bad?”

“Oh no, I am sure you two will do a great job and have fun, enjoy.”

It seems silly to not simply go with your strengths and stay away from things you just are not good with.


What do you think?


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