Why ordering fresh meat online is the best option for Mumbaikars?

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Gone are the days when people used to order meat from the market. Shopping for meat in the market has become a cumbersome task considering the ever-increasing traffic conditions and rising meat prices. Moreover, the unhygienic state of slaughterhouses and open-markets make consuming meat from these places a risky affair.

Don’t worry! Non-vegetarians are in for a rare treat. Chicken and Mutton lovers in Mumbai can now order farm-fresh, meat online in no time for any additional charges for delivery. is the answer to your fresh-meat cravings. Halal Box is a new online platform that ensures food (non-vegetarians) can order chicken online in Mumbai or mutton online in Mumbai and get it delivered at their doorsteps within 90 minutes.

Halalbox is committed to delivering fresh meat that is devoid of any additives, preservatives and does not have any chemicals in it. This makes sure that customers get nothing but the best meat, fit for consumption for anyone.

The ready to cook meat is also quite tender and halal-cut. Moreover, ordering meat online saves your time as it is delivered directly at your doorstep in no time. In addition to chicken and mutton, you can also order eggs and fish online within minutes. is indeed a savior for non-vegetarians across Mumbai who hate travelling to crowded market places and detest frozen meat packets. Fresh, halal-cut food ordered online is all set to be the new trend for meat-lovers in Mumbai.

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Written by Noha Nisha

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