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Irresistible Fun Food: Lasagna

One of the members here wrote an interesting post about the Origins of Lasagna.  I sometimes share stories about my “first food experiences”.  Did I ever tell you the story about the first time I ate lasagna?  Lasagna is a dish that’s worth doing KP duty.  LOL.  (KP = Kitchen Patrol)

During my high school years, I went on a retreat.  There were about 20 to 25 girls who attended.  We stayed for a weekend at this really nice place owned by the church.  It was a time for meditation and reflection.  But there were still rules to follow.  One of the rules was that the first person to ask for a “second serving” … oh yeah! … imagining young Oliver Twist?  “Please, sir.  I want some more.”  Yeah.  The rule was that the first person to ask for a second helping of any meal had to do the dishes!  That person who dared to step into the shoes of the orphan Oliver had to do the dishes. Anybody who raised their hand for second helpings after that could savory their extra serving without penalty.

One night they served lasagna for dinner.  I had never eaten lasagna.  My mother never cooked Italian food except for spaghetti and meatballs. The cooks made an awesome lasagna!  When the retreat leader came out and asked who wanted seconds my hand shot up into the air!  She looked at me and asked: “You do know you will have the dishes, don’t you?”  I’m shaking my head up and down fiercely like “Yeah yeah yeah!”  Holding my plate out like “ Gimme!  Gimme!  Gimme!!”  I did the dishes gladly.  Although I wasn’t by myself.  Another friend I met at the retreat had also never eaten lasagna.  Our hands both went up at the same time.  It was a tie!  We both had to wash the dishes.  We both agreed.  That lasagna was worth it!  LOL.

As I have learned over the years, there are lots of different ways to prepare a lasagna dish.  There is meat lasagna and vegetarian lasagna.  They’re both delicious!!!  Of course, everybody wants to believe that their recipe is Thee Most Amazing recipe ever!  They have a secret herb blend.  They use a special mix of cheeses.  They only use homemade pasta.  The tomato sauce can only be made with tomatoes grown in Italy.  And on and on and on.  Some people make a dessert lasagna.  It’s great!  But technically not “Italian”.

Fun Fact:  As much as I love lasagna, I have yet to make my own.  Too busy enjoying everybody else’s recipe.  Like I said.  Everybody has their own recipe and swears it’s the best!  LOL.



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