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Huey’s Hot Dogs, sadly, no longer with us

Huey’s Hot Dogs (2012-08-31 16-43-56a)

Huey’s Hot Dogs was loacted at 1507 W Balmoral (between Clark & Ashland) Chicago, Illinois in the Edgewater neighborhood. It is no longer in business which is a shame because the food was pretty good.

The photo was taken using a Panasonic DMC-FZ50 camera. Then I used Luminar 2018 to apply the ‘Clarity Booster’ and ‘Image Enhancer’ presets from the basic collection.

Photo © 2012, 2018 Gary J. Sibio. All rights reserved.


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Written by Gary J Sibio


  1. I think it may be so. There isn’t a note on the window or door, but its been inactive for some time now. I just found this on Google per, Urban Matter, a long-time favorite of budget ballers from Uptown to River North, Cookies and Carnitas has announced its triumphant return to Edgewater in 2018! Many tears (re: my tears) were shed when this taco/pizza/cookie/sandwich shop said it was closing in September, but no longer. I should mention that Cookies and Carnitas has not released a date for their opening yet, but I’m staying hopeful.

    • I’ve never actually eaten there. If they closed in September I wouldn’t have noticed it because I only went by it on my way to work and I retired last October. I did eat at Barry’s Spot (the place that used to be there before C&C) but didn’t care for it.

      • I wonder about C&C now. If it just went through that then I wonder if they will close sometime in the next few years. The business didn’t look like it was too great there. What keeps me from going there is the fact that I have to cash when I go versus using credit card. I would gladly walk around the corner if I could use my credit card to purchase.

    • Yeah, but there are still some good ones. I wasn’t aware of Cookies and Carnitas being closed. Was it voluntary or Board of Health? Hellas Gyros was closed down for a while. They reopened but I’ve been leery of eating there since they were closed for so long. My wife is extremely sensitive to anything funky in the food.