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McDonald’s Ghost Sign, Chicago, Illinois (2014-05-21 11-31-17a)

McDonald’s Ghost Sign (2014-05-21 11-31-17a)

The ghost sign is located on the southern wall of the Sunnyside Tap which is located at 4410 North Western Avenue (Western Avenue, just north of Montrose Avenue), Chicago, Illinois. Although there are McDonalds restaurants all over the place, this is the only McDonald’s ghost sign I ever remember seeing. Most of their advertising is not painted directly on the wall of a building so it doesn’t qualify as a ghost sign.

Note: Some people don’t consider a sign to be a ghost sign unless the company advertised is out of business. I don’t think that is a good idea since there are a lot of old signs around for companies, such as Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper, which are still in business. If the company is out of business it does make the sign more interesting but it shouldn’t be a requirement.The photo was taken with a Nikon Coolpix P7700 camera. I then used ACDSee Ultimate 2018 to crop, adjust the lighting and boost the contrast, saturation and clarity.

Photo © 2014 Gary J. Sibio. All rights reserved.


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