Health Benefits of Beer: 6 Reasons Why You Should Drink It

Imagine yourself sitting in your backyard (or on a beach, late in the evening), cool breeze hitting and you are sipping some beer. Also, you are hungover the next day and regretting having a few beers. Please, do not! The beer has amazing health benefits that you are still unaware of but, not anymore.

Most alcoholic drinks are perceived as harmful things for your health which is not always true. Moderate consumption of any drink, and especially beer can bring you some really good health advantages. So, if you like to drink beer, read ahead and you would get some reasons to love beer:

It has a capability to prevent kidney stones

A study conducted on beer consumption has provided a reliable report that says, drinking beer in a limited amount daily can decrease the risk of kidney stone by 40%. the health benefit provided to the body is accountable to the high water substance (almost approx 93%). It flushes all the harmful toxic elements from the blood and keeps the kidney working decently.

Also, the components in the hops used while brewing helps your body to slow down the release of calcium from the bones. It reduces the risk of forming stone from the lost calcium in the kidney.

It protects your brain against Alzheimer’s disease

Beer offers protection from a disease like Alzheimer’s which is quite a remarkable health benefit. Many research conducted in the United States have proved that beer cut helps in risk reduction of strokes up to 50 % in comparison to non-drinkers. It also protects your brain from the hazardous effects of high quantity of aluminum which is one of the reasons responsible for Alzheimer’s.

Moderate amount of beer keeps the blood flow smoothly by preventing blood clots and thus, blood can circulate easily through heart, neck, and brain. Drinking beer significantly improves your blood flow.

It helps to reduce the risk of heart disease

A trustworthy survey says that people who drink a pint of beer daily have reduced the chances of heart disease by 31%. Beer is a healthy heart beverage that lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. The soluble fiber of the beer helps to lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.

However, regular consumption of beer increases the good cholesterol level. It keeps the blood from thickening which is the main cause of heart attacks. This summer, make a toast to your healthy heart.

It lessens the risk of diabetes

This is one more noteworthy advantage of consuming beer at a balanced level. As per a reliable survey reports, a man who drank a one or a couple of beers every day had 25% lesser risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The content in beer increases the sensitivity of insulin that prevents diabetes. Also, the soluble fiber in the beer plays a major role in your healthy diet system which is greatly helpful to the people suffering from diabetes.

Beer minimizes the risk of cancer

Beer consists of an essential antioxidant called as xanthohumol. It is known to contain powerful anti-cancer attributes that fight against cancer-causing enzymes in your body. The antioxidants help men to prevent prostate cancer and reduce chance of breast cancer in the women. So, saving yourself from cancer is not expensive anymore if you use discount offers and save on beer.

Beer is good for hydrated and healthy skin

Beer is contemplated to be good for healthy skin as it contains vitamins and yeast. It keeps the skin hydrated and maintains the pH level in the skin cells. According to a report, ancient Egyptians used to take beer baths to keep the skin hydrated in the scorching heat of the desert areas. Beer gives your face instant glow by flushing of all the toxic elements of the skin.

Moderate is the word if you are fond of drinking beer; and no, you do not have to think twice this time if you are habitual to take a beer daily. Along with numerous benefits, it is also a natural conditioner for your hair and makes the bones stronger. So take out a chilled beer from the fridge because this time, no guilt; only gulps.


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Written by Ryanholman