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Why should you eat good Food?

Foods that contain carbohydrates are part of a healthy diet. The daily menu should include potatoes, rice, cereals and bread. Foods rich in carbohydrate must represent one third of the food we eat. They are not only a source of energy. They also contain a lot of important ingredients that are very much necessary for our health.

In addition to starch, these foods are rich in calcium, vegetable fiber and vitamins of group B. It is wrong to say that carbohydrate diet leads to obesity. In fact, it has been widely known that carbohydrates are twice less calories from fat.

It is also necessary to take proteins. Protein is a very important ingredient in the menu of a growing child. They are needed as artificial elements. The energy value of protein is as good as that of carbohydrates, but their degradation and metabolism consumes a lot of energy.

A few plant foods are rich in protein. At the same time, plant proteins normally do not contain all the required amino acids. Some animal foods that are rich in protein are fish, eggs, dairy products and meat. These animal foods contain all the amino acids and their composition is also balanced. and it is quite safe to spend your life going to a job that you love to do (and have less paid) than to go to a high-paid job every day.


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