Good Food is Necessary for a Healthy Life

From the beginning of the 21st century, obesity is gradually becoming a deadly disease. A lot of people in the world eat the wrong way and eat irregular foods with high caloric composition. They pass on their eating habits to their children who also receive junk food.

A healthy balanced diet contains a variety of foods, including plenty of vegetables and fruits, but also rich in starch, protein-rich foods like dairy products, lentils, eggs, fish and meat, dairy products and whole grain bread. Even in ancient times we were told that ‘eat your breakfast alone, split your lunch and give your dinner to the enemy.

The logic behind this wisdom lies in the fact that balanced diet requires basic food intake in the morning and at noon, when a person is more active. In moderate continental climate, which is the climate in some places, fluid intake is needed for children over twelve years and above.

They need to take about one and a half liters of water or other liquids. This prevents them from dehydration. The approximate need of body fluids amounts to about 30 mL/ kg of body weight. When the weather is hot, fluid intake needs to increase.


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Written by raaman