Easy One Pot Camping Meals

Whether you’re embarking on a camping trip with friends or planning a backyard BBQ this summer, it’s sometimes difficult to decide what you’re going to cook. Spend less time worrying about the cooking and cleanup with one pot meals. They’re simple! Use the same pot or skillet to prep, cook and cleanup in. You can enjoy your trip to its fullest and avoid the stresses of camp cooking.

There are simple breakfast, dinner and dessert ideas anyone can make–from two ingredient pancakes to layered nachos and s’mores dip–one pot meals will fill you up after a long day. It can be helpful if you have a big group, to keep it simple and make big servings of easy recipes. Check out yummy one pot camping meal ideas below, along with helpful tips and tricks for cooking outdoors, to inspire you for your next cooking adventure!

One Pot  Breakfast Ideas

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One Pot  Dinner Ideas

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One Pot Dessert Ideas 

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Written by Megan


  1. With all these forest fires raging in California, I have been taking cold food to the campgrounds lately, but your meal ideas look wonderful and I might just try some of them at home!