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We all know that Darjeeling Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. When someone says Darjeeling, most of us think ‘Tea’ before anything else. The word ‘Darjeeling Tea’ had become so popular that many counterfeiters duplicated and started selling it as Darjeeling Tea. To gain more customers, they started giving discounts on fake products too. Unfortunately for them, the Tea Board of India along with the other officials put a tag on the products. This stopped fake products from reaching the market and Darjeeling Tea’s reputation was saved. However, there are still many unauthorized dealers who sell fake Darjeeling Tea products secretly. To know more about them, you can check our other blog “Darjeeling Tea Seller”.  Now let us have a look at Darjeeling Tea Price with the following topics to help you understand better:

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  • Where are the best tea buds at?
  • Darjeeling Tea Direct
  • Our Products and Prices
  • Why buy from us?

Darjeeling Tea Today

Darjeeling Tea has been coveted for hundreds of years since the first seed was planted in Darjeeling soil. On average, 10,000 tons of Darjeeling Tea is produced every year in Darjeeling. Most and the best of it are shipped abroad. They are quite expensive and prices vary according to the country and enterprise they were shipped to. The rest of the produce stays with India. Darjeeling Tea was the first product to receive a Geographical Indication (GI) tag in India. It indicates those goods which can only be procured from an identified geographic region. Currently, there are 87 tea estates in Darjeeling with GI tags on their products.

Today, Darjeeling Tea is the pride for not only Darjeeling but for the whole of India. It is well known for the light-colored concoction which gives out a pleasant aroma. The different variations of Darjeeling Tea are black, white, green and oolong teas. And each variety of Darjeeling Tea is packed with antioxidants which is beneficial for our health. The Green and White teas are rich in ‘catechins’. They have the potential to prevent different kinds of cancers, diabetes and other serious diseases. The ‘theaflavins’ and ‘thearubigins’ found in black and oolong teas are called tannins. These antioxidants are really good in keeping the arteries free of fat and thus simulating a healthy heart.

Where are the best tea buds at?

As said earlier, there are 87 tea estates currently functioning in Darjeeling with a GI tag. Each tea estate has a specific taste that can be differentiated from one another. You can find 4 variations among the tea estates in Darjeeling, namely, black-white-green and oolong teas. There is a long history behind each Tea garden found in Darjeeling. A tea garden offers employment opportunities to more than a hundred workers. Consequently, these tea plantations have become the livelihood of hundreds of families. The families of the tea garden workers also stay within the estate premises. Likewise, the tea estates have also given refuge to many people including the tea garden workers.

It is very difficult to grade different tea estates, but we have the top 3 tea plantations where Darjeeling Tea Direct has connections with. They are:

  1. Risheehat Tea Estate
  2. Turzum Tea Estate
  3. Puttabong Tea EstateRISHEEHAT TEA ESTATE

    The tea garden was established by the British in the 1990s when it was known as Tshering Bagan. Later it was renamed as Risheehat, which literally translates to ‘home of the holy sages’. Located at an altitude between 2500 ft to 4800 ft, it is one of the highest plantations in Darjeeling. It is famous for growing the best organic teas in India. Steep landscapes blessed with rich and fertile soil, surrounded by apt temperature and rainfall. All of this makes it an ideal location for organic Darjeeling Tea farming. The tea-estate is divided into two main divisions- Risheehat Main Division and Liza Hill Division.


    The Turzum Tea Estate is located near the popular lake town of Mirik in the Rungbong Valley. It was established by the British planters in 1863. Located at an elevation of 1100 m to 1700 m, temperature varies from 3 degrees (winter) to 30 degrees (summers). Moreover, this place is covered in mist and fog most of the time and is exposed to very limited sunlight. So this makes the tea bushes to grow slowly and gradually. The nearby Sungma and this Turzum tea estates are considered the most exquisite in Darjeeling for their finest orthodox tea.


    Puttabong Tea Estate is the first tea-estate in the history of Darjeeling Tea Plantation. It was inaugurated by the pioneer British tea planter Dr. A Campbell himself in 1852. located at an altitude between 1500 to 6500 ft, Puttabong tea estate is famous for the special blend of light muscatels. Previously known as ‘Tukvar’ tea estate, it is a beautiful tea garden located 9kms from Darjeeling. The estate is spread across 22kms making it the biggest tea estate in Darjeeling. It was the first tea garden to use pruning machine in Darjeeling and has the best tea garden hospital too.

    Darjeeling Tea Direct

    Darjeeling Tea Direct is an online platform where you can buy authentic Darjeeling tea and a few collectibles (related to tea). For years, our analysts and survey experts have researched the best Darjeeling tea searching among all the tea gardens here. We have built a strong relationship with the tea estate owners. Over the years we created links to promote and distribute their tea products across the Indian subcontinent. We aim at providing our clients with the finest teas Darjeeling has to offer. We took this initiative in order to make Darjeeling Tea available to anyone looking to taste the ‘champagne of teas’. Our main procurement center and warehouse are in Darjeeling, our IT cell in Kalimpong and our head office in Pedong.

    Our Products and Prices

    We have handpicked and assorted a selection of the finest tea from all over Darjeeling under the following categories:

    • Black Tea of Darjeeling
    • Green Tea of Darjeeling
    • White Tea of Darjeeling
    • Oolong Tea of Darjeeling

    Each of the above varieties is special, has health benefits and can be distinguished in their own way. We will also discuss a few products and their prices related to these varieties. Let us see them now.

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