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Cooking Videos for Your American Thanksgiving Meal

Honestly!  I don’t know how my late mother did this year after year after year!  What genuine love and devotion.  Even though it was more than 35 years ago, I can still remember the first time I actually prepared a traditional Thanksgiving holiday dinner and invited relatives over to enjoy the meal.  My mom, my sister, my brothers and an assorted group of cousins showed up.  I cooked EVERYTHING!!  It wore me out!  It was my first time and it was also my last time.  From that time forward, I prepared the meal and had my husband help with some of the dishes, and it was a small gathering.  Just my kids, my husband, and me.  Once everybody was fed, I went to sleep!  LOL.

Anyway, my husband and I used to watch all the cooking shows on TV for tips and tricks and ideas about new dishes.  Now we hunt down cooking videos on YouTube.  It’s fun!

If you are a newbie cook like I once was decades ago, and you have never prepared a Thanksgiving meal, you will probably appreciate these videos.

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#1 The Ultimate Way To Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

I have prepared my turkey this way and the lady on the video speaks the truth!  It is the best way.  I know!  I know!  But you won't dramatic effect like when you bring in that huge turkey from the kitchen and the host gets to carve it up!  So you have to choose.  You want the drama or you want it easy?

#2 Twelve (12) Thanksgiving Sides With a Twist

All of these dishes are amazing.  I had no idea it was that easy to make pumpkin bread!

#3 Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe ~ Holiday Table Sweet Potatoes Side Dish

This is one of those Thanksgiving side dishes that's expected.

#4 Four (4) Ways To Up Your Stuffing Game

This is another one of those Thanksgiving side dishes that's expected.

#5 Tasty Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes (Healthy + Easy!)

When I was growing up there was no such thing as a vegan Thanksgiving dinner.  Times have changed.  

#6 Thanksgiving on 2 Sheet Pans | Food Network

I watched a video where the lady and her husband were preparing the holiday meal.  I thought there was an army coming over for dinner.  It was just the two of them!  The lady says something like "We'll probably be eating this for months."  I'm confused and thinking: 'It's just 2 of you.  Why did you cook that much food?' (O.o)  So I found a video that shows how to prepare Thanksgiving Dinner for Two.

If you're celebrating Thanksgiving how many will be there for dinner?



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