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How to cook delicious beef noodle soup- PHO VIET NAM

Raw materials of beef noodle soup delicious at home

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Delicious beef: 500 gramsCow: 2 kgOnions: 200 gramsFresh ginger: 100 gramsOnions: 6 bulbsWheat germ (scent seeds): 1 teaspoonRoot coriander (coriander): 6 rootsThao fruit: 2 fruitsFlowers: 2 flowersCinnamon dry: 5 gramsCane: 2 logs (each log is about 10 cm long)Noodle: 500 gramsGreen onions: 100 gramsCoriander (coriander): 50 gramsLemon: 2 fruitsMSG,Salt, sugar, pepper, oil, chili sauce, black soy sauce …Aromatic herbs, prices, chilli peppers …

How to cook delicious beef noodle soup at home

Wash the cow’s bones. Boil water, feed the bones into the cellar. If stewed with large fire, the broth will be opaque, but sweet. During the cellar, regularly pick up foam. Bones boil for 3 hours, then filter for broth. Keep aside.Bake onion, onion, ginger, sugar cane (whole shell). After baking, shave off the ginger and onions.Removing cane shells. Wash the above spices with clean water, drain. Cut the onion pair. Cut ginger slices. Cut sugar cane into rods 1×6 cm. Rinse root odor.

Note when cooking beef noodle soupWhen cooking bones, you can remove dirt by removing the boiled water. The broth will be aromatic, clear and clean. You can cook a lot of water and store it in the fridge freezer for later meals. If you like, you can marinate beef with little pepper, sweetener for fragrant. You can make beef noodle soup with minced beef before placing the bowl.GOOD LUCK!!


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Written by Ngoc Tran