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Another Day in Lockdown: Thinking Ahead…

Wednesday, 4.8.2020

Another day in Lockdown. It is a nice day today, sunny and warm, after four days of continuous rain. Last night, someone on my Facebook page stated they might closed down grocery stores next. This is getting ridiculous. I noticed my refrigerator looked kind of empty. So, I decided to go to Mother’s Market for 2-weeks of fruit and veggies as well as some vegan vitamins. It was quiet outside. The parking lot was mostly empty, except for few cars. The grocery store looked different, with some empty shelves that I asked one of the people if they plan to close down soon. He said “no, the store empties up during morning hours.” I went there at 10 am. Do hoarders stand in line since 6 am on a daily basis and they finish most of the items before 9 am? I bought the items I needed, such as veggies, fruits, vegan vitamins, raw dairy,  raw honey, food for Gumby (although he was been moody and fussy lately, refusing to eat his usual food), and laundry stuff because I need to do some hand wash items. There were still no toilet paper. Someone told me that in his state, Walmart was selling toilet paper for $20. I should go to Walmart later to see if they even have any here. 

I returned home and decided to clean the inside of my refrigerator, most the shelves because that is what is mostly dirty, since there wasn’t much items in it anyway, before I reorganize the new store-bought food inside. That took me all morning to do. But now the fridge looks better. (I didn’t do the side door items or the freezer yet. It’s probably OK, or not that bad). 

Today’s grocery amount was the biggest I have bought because I think I bought enough for a month or so. This lockdown is making people go crazy. I hope this ends soon because this isn’t right. These Domestic Terrorists are mentally ill!


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  1. Yes, these are terrible times. This lockdown really is making people go crazy. We are on our 3rd week of it here in the UK. I really hope they will lift at least some of the restrictions within the next week or two.


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