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An Interesting Fact About Chocolate

Many people love chocolate. Some people even say that they are addicted to chocolate. As it turns out, there is a solid reason for that idea.

People have loved chocolate for a long time. People have also known about the “addictive properties” of chocolate for a long time. In fact, in the 18th century, chocolate was prescribed as a medication, mostly to treat stomach aches. It was believed that the chocolate would cure an upset stomach.

The reason is because of a substance chocolate contains, called phenethylamine. It is this substance that gives it the supposed addictive properties. Phenethylamine is a ‘feel good’ substance. Indeed, it is exactly the same thing that the brain produces when a person is in love. Thus, it isn’t at all a stretch to say that a person loves chocolate and it isn’t much wonder that people enjoy chocolate so much. It actually gives them a feeling of euphoria.

It is truthfully much like the feeling of floating above all cares and worries that one gets when they fall in love with someone. Put in a slightly different way, people who say that they love chocolate actually don’t love the chocolate, they love the phenethylamine that is in the chocolate. 

You actually have a reason to eat some chocolate! 

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Written by Rex Trulove

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