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A bus driver buys food for hungry riders in a cold day in Alabama

This blog is interesting since Montevallo Elementary School which is located in Montevallo Alabama had to deal with  a cruel hand of fate that changed the events of that early morning on December 12, 2019 when a snow storm hit the city that delayed the start of school for  a period of two hours.

The problem that the students that were riding in the bus that Wayne Price was driving was that by the time they would arrive for a shortened day of class on that day was they would be hungry since they did not have breakfast.

However Wayne who is a youth pastor in Montevallo decided to take the 50 riders of his bus to a local McDonald’s Hamburger to treat them out of his own money 50 biscuits that would cost $1 dollar each since Wayne had to make a deal with the manager of the McDonald’s store to make the biscuits for the riders of his bus.

The manager of the McDonald’s store agreed to make the 50 biscuits for all of the riders of the bus that Wayne was driving.

When the word of Wayne’s work of getting the students fed before they went to school reached his employer, Wayne received high marks for his act of generosity to feed his riders before they went to school paying the bill from his own pocket,

This is what is interesting of this story. In Louisiana when a huge storm is coming to the Lake Charles area, we receive a phone call from the school administration during the afternoon or evening that there is no school scheduled that day due to bad weather,

How it works in Alabama remains a mystery. My thoughts are that maybe the powers that be that run the schools in Montevallo Alabama were caught off guard when the snow made its visit in Montevallo either overnight or early in the morning.



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  1. I remember seeing in the Spike TV show called “1,000 Ways To Die” when a male guy who was chased by a male construction worker pass away when the pervert was killed when a metal object that fell down from a building killed him. The guy did use his camera to skirt chase.

  2. I meant 2018 since my nephew goes to high school and if there are a weather alert saying that dangerous conditions are in the area, the school powers that be call my relatives to say school will be closed the next day around late in the afternoon.

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