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5 Amazing Unknown Food Facts

If food is constantly on your mind, then definitely you are a food lover and these 5 amazing food facts will definitely surprise you.

Here are the 5 amazing unknown food facts-

1. Chicken Tikka Masala

One of the most popular Indian dishes, but this famous curry was actually invented in Glasgow.

Surprised.. let’s move to the next food fact.

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2. Fortune Cookies 

Invented in 1909 in San Francisco by Makato Hagiwara at the Japanese Tea Garden Restaurant, who served these fortune cookies to the garden.

3. Indoor BBQ tradition-

While cooking with charcoal inside the house results in the risk of death due to carbon monoxide, but this has not stopped the 1000 year old tradition of Indoor BBQ.

4. Peppermint- Hot or Cold

Peppermint contains menthol and hence triggers the month’s cold receptors. If you have inhaled at the same time while eating a peppermint then you would have experienced that your mouth burns.

5. Jelly vs Jam- What is the Difference?

While jam is cooked crush fruit which contains sugar, jelly is gelatanized fruit juice which contains sugar. This is the difference between the two.


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