5 Amazing Kitchen Hacks To Save Your Time & Money

Presenting to you Top 5 amazing kitchen hacks that will make your life easier and help you save time.

1. How To Speed Up Ripening?

To speed up the ripening of green bananas or to make a peach juicy, you got to keep the same in a bag. Concentrated ethylene gas will help these fruits ripen fast.

2. Prevent Browning Of Cut Fruit

Ever noticed that within few minutes after cutting an apple, it starts to turn brown. Well.. you got to apply lemon juice to the same to slow the browning of the fruit.

3. De-skin Potatoes Easily

After boiling the potatoes, you got to pour ice cold water on the same. This will help you de-skin the potatoes easily without using a peeler.

4. Do Onions Make You Cry?

To prevent this, after you remove the outer skin of onions, freeze them for 4 to 5 hours. This will not bring tears to your eyes while cutting the onions.

5. Keeping Potatoes White

Once you cut potatoes immediately place the cubes in water. This will help keeping the potatoes white till you use it. The same trick can also be used for brinjals.


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Written by Manni