Top Purses for Autumn2020/Winter2021

Monday, August 10, 2020

Thick chains–i do have 1

Quilted bags–i have a couple.

Hobo bags–i probably have 1 old one.

Box bags–i have 1 old one.

Belt bags look like a fanny pack, belted around waist or hung crossbody. I have 1 KL. 

Geometric purses–i have my bamboo summery one. 

Micro bags are very tiny, which looks like coin purses. I actually use these micro bags as a decor for large purses, or a small purse to organize a large purse with small items.

Velvet bags–i have 1 anique-looking one from a garage sale.

I think furry bags are in style. I have an old one with fake fur.


What do you think?

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