Top 6 Stylish Must-Haves This Fall

Fall is already upon us and if you’re still sticking to your summer wear and haven’t decided how to make a huge breakthrough with fall clothes, we’ve got a few suggestions. With the following tips, you’ll know exactly which pieces to invest in and upgrade your fall wardrobe to the max. From animal prints to moody florals and jewel tones, this fall will be anything but boring in terms of fashion trends. Check out the fall must-haves and start shopping immediately.

Animal prints

We’ve loved python prints all spring and summer long, which is why we’re looking forward to animal prints sticking around this fall too. Get your credit card ready and splurge on leopard print outerwear. Invest in a trendy coat to add a dash of glam to your outfit. Feel free to shop for leopard skirts and slip dresses that you can later layer and fashion an urban autumn ensemble. This season will be perfect for splurging on faux fur animal prints that will last for many seasons to come and always elevate your looks.

Anything houndstooth

Retro spirit is coming back and you’ll see houndstooth everywhere. Whether you want to match pants and a jacket or simply throw over a coat in this dominating and highly fashionable print, you’ll look trendy and up to date with the latest 2019 fashion trends. To make the most of this fabulous must-have, dress head-to-toe in black and white print and break the pattern with a navy-blue hat.

Various boot styles

From ankle to cowboy ones, the choice of footwear for this fall comes down to various types of boots.  Start looking for affordable trendy women’s boots which will keep you warm and stylish all autumn long. Be sure you invest in a pair of black ankle boots and consider those with block heels. They’ll add height to your figure but also keep your feet comfortable allowing you to walk for hours on end.

Posh headpieces

If you’ve loved wearing an ever-lasting beanie, it’s time you turn up your headpieces game a notch and start looking for a classy beret. A zebra-print beret, for example, can easily elevate your everyday look and add a dose of elegance to your otherwise drab outfit. Choosing a beret with animalistic prints is another way to sneak in this eye-catching trend into your outfit without being too flashy. If you’re more of a plain beret kind of girl, feel free to choose black, beige or a vibrant red to channel your inner Blair Waldorf.

Florals maxi dresses

While yellow, pink and lime green have ruled the fashion scene this spring and summer, it’s time we switch to darker, moodier florals this fall. Maxi dresses in rich floral hues will look amazing under your black biker jacket and paired with black boots. Think pleated maxi dresses for bridal showers or rustic weddings. If you go with an asymmetrical neckline and pair it with combat boots and tights, you’ll be one step away from a fab edgy look, which you can easily accomplish by throwing over a leather jacket. Ankle boots will go great with a white floral dress and a suede camel jacket for a more sophisticated look.

Jewel tones

Teal, fuchsia, yellow, sapphire blue and turquoise will rule the streets this fall and you absolutely must own at least one piece in these gorgeous hues. From a vibrant coat to a vivacious silk blouse and even leather boots in the matching colours, your autumn outfits will never have looked better. Forget about black-on-black classic, and go for bubbly jewel tones that will inspire you to make more iconic ensembles all fall long. A relaxed fit rich blue faux fur coat over a turtleneck sweater and a skirt, matched with knee-high boots are all you need to look fabulous when the leaves start to fall off.

Final thoughts

This fall you’ll need to update your wardrobe with at least one trendy piece. Should you choose to go a step further and completely swap your old clothes for the current trends, be sure to pick out all the items from our list. Animal prints, comfy trendy women’s boots, jewel tones, houndstooth and trendy headpieces will be all you need to look fabulous until spring brings us new amazing trends.

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