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ootd (outfit of the day)

  1. Tie by The Men’s Shop
  2. Basic five buttons vest by Claiborne
  3. Button down dress shirt by Beverly Hills Polo Club
  4. Dress pants by H&M
  5. Dress shoes by Stacy Adams

These are the times that I love! The times when I can get all dressed up like this. I consider this my preference of style when getting all dressed up. And if you look through my past outfits on Lookbook page you will see different variations which all have similarities whether it be with or without a fedora, vest or tie. The only thing missing in this outfit share is my fedora which you will see as the time goes on.

Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. – Oscar de la Renta

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Written by Thomas Gouard

Im a military veteran; a full-time college student, and a fitness addict. Fueled by inspiration; God's word; endorphins and laughter!

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          • Oh, yes…, I know, it’s like that with my posts too and it is the first time (they were always published right the next day after submitting)…! I tried to publish a post about it (what’s going on with not approving posts for days and the Month to Date missing on the Dashboard for the previous month) but it was rejected as well as one of my other posts… (I was told by an admin before we can post anything we want and lately 3 of my Virily themed posts were rejected!) I’m quite pi**ed off because I see only Verified users’ post during the whole week and only few new ones of the “regular” users…!!!
            It’s like they are on a vacation and not approving regularly, and that is what i mentioned in that post too which was rejected…! :|E

        • I definitely hear you out on that. I have 3 post pending, awaiting to be approved and I’m about to work on my 4th once I get settled in for the day which pertains to the workout I just did. Lately, it has been driving me towards wanting to leave this site because my last week’s post were not published until Wednesday, and I submitted them on Sunday.

          • Thanks, glad someone understands…! :/ I am frustrated the more they were rejected…! Besides all the problems and frustrations now this…!!! Yes, I wanted to leave too… (and not to mention I was very disappointed with some other things – users here too (when it comes to supporting them and supporting me but nevermind…)…) But then I thought maybe it’s better this way because I was already overwhelmed by my presence here so it’s ok to cool off a little bit…

          • PS Since Month to Date wasn’t updated and posts not being approved or rejected for days I was worried if we are still going to be paid, and I wrote that in that article which was rejected.. Probably no need to worry but with no answers the frustration rise… 😐

        • I can relate to that because there are times that I break my neck to have a post submitted by Sunday at midnight, yet it does not get posted until Tuesday or Wednesday by Virily. It needs to be some organized schedule for these things because I could devote my time elsewhere. There have been times when I would submit something on Friday, and it would get published on Saturday (Fall months). I enjoyed that because most of the football posts I did, the games would go on Saturday, and the value of the post is higher versus it getting published on a later date which it decreases. One day I may be creative w/ thoughts galore, but the next day I may not.

          • Was it always like that for you or just lately…..? To me it is just lately… I see everyone complaining about that… i actually described the situation in my new post I published today…
            Yes, I agree (although not sure if that’s even possible here… :/), and sometimes it’s exactly what you described, I meant to write the same thing…!!! Some things are just meant to be published on a certain date and if not they loose it’s value and importance…
            Yes, I agree…, I find myself having the similar problems sometimes… :|/ I’m actually using the site more than I should so it takes a lot of energy therefore my creativity depends on that too. It’s like I’m addicted to this, heh….. (not funny actually hahahahah :D)

        • I will have to drop in to see your new posts. I’m just trying to make it through my semester at the moment, but I do keep everyones notifications. I clear them out once I stop in. Gonna get some rest though, I have to work early tomorrow.

          • Hehehe, yes, I was wondering why aren’t you visiting mine too, you usually do that… ;/) Ok, I can understand that, and thanks, I will be glad!!!!! ;D Lately I’ve been frustrated some people not visiting while I always visit them but who knows what are the reasons… Of course, I don’t mind you… πŸ˜‰
            That is how I usually do too, although sometimes there is so many of them so I just go through the Latest list or remember who to visit…

        • I do feel as though I’m in a fight everytime I log on clearing out current notifications. I respond to the commented on posts then drop into pages after. Most of the time I stop into others pages once all my commented replied notifications have been cleared out, as I’m responding to yours ; )

          Another notification down ; )

          • It’s ok, I know you’re good and just can’t manage everything… I only have problems with the ones that don’t care and appreciate some things much… When I complain about it it always turns out “my” fault that I’m “toxic”…..

        • I am very curious what your zodiac sign is. And there aint nothing wrong with having issues with those that don’t respond. I actually have issues with those that respond to my post yet do not respond when I return the comment. There are that few, mostly within top ranking which I always end up flagging their comments because they do not respond to my reply. ; )

          • Hahahah! πŸ˜€ Can you believe I wanted to ask you the same thing…, heheheehehehe ;D
            YES!!! That annoys me THE MOST……!!!!! ;/D πŸ™ Actually one person asked me from curiosity about the price of my tote bags and I gave her like 3 replies which she didn’t even bother to “like” at least (even though it doesn’t mean anything), and when I asked her about that – mentioned it in the comments on her own posts (why she didn’t answer, actually what she thinks about that price – also from My curiosity – I would simply like to know what people thing about such prices) she didn’t answer none of those too!!! And I like mentioned it like 2-3 times…! While she constantly answers to my comments with “thank you much for the constant support” and commenting every third of mine…
            Yes, you are right, they are usually the highest in the ranks although this one is lower than me… Maybe it’s the lack of time, maybe it’s they receive a lot of comments, or maybe it’s they don’t care much…
            I can’t say I’m and was always the best in commenting too – I also have problems with managing all but when I do then I mind it a lot!, heheeh 😐 ;D

            Btw my sign is Gemini with a Virgo ASC, Moon and Lilith in Libra (justice!!! ;D), Venus in Cancer

          • PS And yes, I always feel bad because when I mind someone that they react like “I’m asking something from them” and there are also texts by Doc (indirectly about me) who is like against everything I think and do while he is pretty much exclusive and non-compassionate about some things… So they are all like accusive towards my asking for fairness (it’s ok if they don’t like my articles but sometimes I don’t like theirs that much but still tend to support because I thought we supported eachother mutually but some people also don’t look at it that way which I guess is their right, right… :|/ but I must admit there are people whose posts I just don’t like and comment on them just sometimes if they commented me – also sometimes so I guess I’m also not fair either sometimes… :/)

            PS Sorry for these very long replies…!

        • I would have to say C: “maybe it’s they don’t care much…”.

          I honestly make time to reply whether it be right now at 7am before I get out of bed or in the late evening as my day is calming down. I never would want to be bogged down so much that I’m unable to reply to anyone. That is honestly a waste of time to not reply. Its social media for crying out loud.

          • Probably… I just don’t know why they were complaining not receiving non-genuine comments then but when you need something then you are bad that you complain and ask something…

            Btw, the woman answered me (I sent a PM :D, she said she was busy but interesting how she noticed other comments and these not… ;)) She also answered my questions now… (Don’t like when “have to ask” for something but had to put to note…)

        • It’s reporting the comment. I would rather not have the viril for their comment that they will never respond to, so I report it. I love conversations with other users, even though I sometimes lack time to actually read some of the posts. I do get a read in atleast once a week of those always in my notifications. Saturday, and Sunday are my days to thoroughly read others posts.

          • Really????? So you report your own comment…? (if they don’t answer it’s only yours there) I’m not sure such comments are for reporting and not sure if they actually get deleted… :/ (I published an article about that too since admin answered me about some of those things…) I understand your need for that but it’s not stated they have to answer (even though I mind that too, so I send PM’s sometimes hehehehhh – although very rare…! :))
            Yes, I like that too, although sometimes it can be very time consuming since you don’t get Virils for more than 3-4 replies on other people’s posts and still have to comment other posts too, but I like exchanging thoughts with some people so… Yes, having time for everything is hard to accomplish… :/
            That is what I worked like too but lately I’m like obsessively commenting all new articles so that is why I even became frustrated… Not much in return…!!! :/|

        • I currently work with a Gemini, so I’m learning the sign at the moment. As for Virgo, and Cancer, I’m quite compatible and familiar with. Never really encountered a Libra. Funny how signs work. I’m a Pisces, and Virgo is the opposite of it. And Cancer is like the sister of Pisces with many similarities. The only women I have dated were Cancers (funny).

          • Hehehheh πŸ™‚ Glad to hear that… πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ I think the only common thing between Pisces and Gemini is their duality but not sure it’s in the same ways…
            Yes, that happens to me too… Never “attract” some signs…
            Yes I know… Wow, really…?!? Heh… πŸ™‚

          • Oh, I hardly get along well with them, especially Scorpio… Virgo sometimes… But it really depends on the person, and somehow, I don’t know why, I usually get attached with such people.. :/

        • You know, I actually thought you were a Scorpio because Scorpio’s have this thing like everyone is against them. I view their bitterness as hilarious, but I do give my point to get them to realize. Similarities to a Pisces, except we are more level headed.

          • Hahahah, so I look like that…??! πŸ™‚ Oh no….. :/(( πŸ˜‰ Didn’t know that about Scorpios… I feel like that because of some bad things that happened to me so I’m quite sensitive and generally sensitive, and also because I’m often misunderstood and accused of different things that are simply not me but those people’s interpretations… I also don’t like that unfairness and similar things (Moon and Lilith in Libra I guess…).

            Not sure what that means, “level headed”…?

          • Oh, of course, yes… πŸ™‚ That is a nice and quite balanced way to think and advise people…! πŸ™‚ And it’s also calming and therefore means a lot..

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