October 2018 Fashion Summary

Monday, November 12, 2018

After the noon yoga class, I noticed that there were lots of kids in the mall. I remember the instructor mentioning that today is Veteran’s Day. The mall seemed very lively with all the kids shopping. I needed to stop at the post office and bank but I soon realized that they are closed today due to Veteran’s Day. So, I returned home.

I browse through the October issue of California Style Magazine. I decide to summarize the magazine based on what popped out at me the most.

A Gucci ad promotes Chime for Change. “WE DO NOT CHANGE THE WORLD WHEN WE WHISPER. WE CHANGE IT WHEN WE ROAR.” It adds to join the Chime of Change Movement for education, health, justice, for every girl, every woman, and everywhere.

Embroidered silks and velvets are all about nostalgia. I do have two items from the 90s that are embroidered silk with Asian design. One is a bustier from Victoria’s Secret and the other is stacked heel clogs from Nordstrom Rack. I think they would look good with my pleather pants and moto jacket.

Underwater themed jewelry, which goes well with Yoworld’s recent Atlantis home décor theme.

I noticed interesting new nail design—black and white nails, which look masonic.

October makeup ideas include cream foundation, makeup brush, flat iron, lip balm in clear, curator lashes instrument, highlight stick, volume shampoo, makeup palette compact, fingernail polish in metallic terracotta, hydrating cream, jasmine perfume, supersonic hair dryer, SpectraLite FaceWare Pro Mask, and facial wash.

Chateau Marmont Hotel is all about vintage old Hollywood.

October style is all about the Mid-City LA colors of bold neon colors, metallic colors, and bold abstract art design. The clothing and accessories look vintage 70s and 80s as well as very youthful and fun. There are also retro furniture in bold yellow, which looks like something you might see at IKEA. Gold high heel mules has an interesting, artistic heel. Such clothes and accessories have architectural and retro shapes, which look modern, although vintage-inspired.

Some interesting ideas include:

  • A circle dress—which looks like a sleeveless mid-calf dress with turtleneck collar. The bottom part of the dress is like a long skater skirt. It looks vintage but elegant.
  • Belted coat, which I think looks more like a comfy robe.
  • Modern circles earrings
  • Grand Lake Theatre
  • Fringe pendant light
  • Modern pumps with ankle strap

I added one of my mannequin photos I took at Spectrum Center during the evening. That is why it looks dark. But it goes well with October’s fashion theme. Into the Night with Partying Mannequins


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