Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: August 19 – August 30

Saturday, 8.15.20

I was looking for ideas to do or places to go nowadays on Youtube. And, the first video I saw is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. 

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale actually opened on August 4th for certain VIP shoppers. But it opens for everyone else on August 19th, which is my birthday. I might go check it out on my birthday. And, it will last until August 30th.

Nordstrom Anniversary sale is going on now. I might go check it out on my birthday since there is nothing better to do these days anyway. Although I don’t real need anything right now, I might browse in the underwear and bras department because I always wear these out fast. I also like checking out Nordstrom shoes because they have the best shoes. 

The Youtubers below shopped a lot, but I think they are Influencers and they do it as a job.

I think I found something to do. Browse on for practical stuff on sale. 

#2 The 35 BEST Fashion Finds For Women Over 40 and 50 from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This video highlights some items on sale at this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for middle-aged women. This video also highlights practical and casual items that are trendy for everyday wear. Nothing better to do these days. Might was well shop for everyday needs you might need. But I don’t like the bras she displayed in the video. Oh, cool, I want to check out their shoe sales. I have always liked Nordstrom shoes.


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