My Picks for Cool Tweets About the Amethyst

One of the first quizzes I published at this site was about gemstones.  How Much Do You Know About Precious and Semi-Precious Stones?  I don’t want to give away any of the answers but one of the questions mentions amethyst.  The color of the amethyst is purple or violet. People believe it has healing properties and used to believe that it was a remedy for drunkenness.  (If only that were true.)

This stone had its place in the history of 3 ancient civilizations: Egypt (found in the tombs of Pharoahs), Israel (one of the 12 stones adorning the breastplate of the high priest), and Greece (the people believed the stone had been created by the god Dionysus).

Amethyst used to be on par with the diamond as a priceless and rare gem and it made its way through history being regarded as a precious jewel used by people who wanted to signify their royalty or those who wanted to show off their wealth.  However, in the 18th century, large deposits were found in South America; and today this quartz stone can be found all around the world.  The stone may have lost its monetary value but it did not lose its beauty.



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