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Sunday, 12.23.18

While window-shopping and checking out some window display, I decided to take some snapshots of deja vu fashion ideas. I notices these clothes were popular during the 80s and 90s because I used to wear them a lot back then. As I checked out some fashion ideas in the mall, I decided to create my own iphone art photos. I soon realized that each snapshot I took reminded me of my clothing style from the 90s, when I was a size 0, partying, checking out many events, pursuing my photography passions, and eventually going back to school for Exec MBA and graphic design diplomas.

  1. I used to dress like that when I was in my 20s, and usually with a cap, sunglasses, and flipflops.

2. Some trendy 90s-inspired ideas…

3. I like the artistic scene effect in the top snapshot, especially of the palm tree reflection in the window display, next to the Xmas tree inside the window display with the painted white snowflakes on the window.

4. Here are some holiday party dresses, that I used to wear a lot during the 90s, my party animal decade.

5. Leopard-print fashions, whether blouses, halters, jackets, or accessories, paired with a neutral-colored skirt, pants, or even hot pants.


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