6 Steps to Finding Your Style

While watching this video, I decided to do her steps to figure out my style, especially in my middle age.

  1. My body type is lanky. I have long slim limbs and I am small boned at 5 ft 8, although I still want to lose the 10 pounds that I had gained in my middle age.
  2. My basic uniform? I wear leggings and camisoles, as well as drawstring pants, tank tops, capes, ponchos, and wrap skirts, dresses, and wrap blouses. I have always liked wearing dancewear clothes as regular clothes.
  3. Since I grew up in the 80s and 90s, the outfits and hairstyles that I liked best were on Rachel Green character played by Jennifer Aniston on Friends, Jane character played by Josie Bissett on Melrose Place, and 80s fashion models, Paulina Poriskova and Linda Evangelista. I have always thought these four women had an interesting fashion style, whether their clothes or their hairstyle. Based on these four women’s style, the three words that describe my style are sophisticated, trendy, and gamin.
  4. My color palette is Winter colors because my skin undertone is cool. I know I look best in icy pastels as well as navy, wine, burgundy, pine green, turquoise, royal blue, royal purple, and monochrome outfits.
  5. In my older age, I am moving toward tailored clothes.
  6. My favorite shoes are clogs, boots, converse, wedges, oxfords, loafers, and ballet flats, but I also wear sandals and platform shoes.


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