Will you get real…

Once again, I see a pathetic, so-called ‘inspirational’ quote, (actually a miss-quote), which is not surprising seeing this is internet social media, about a superstar saying, “You can be anything you want to be”.

Well, whoopy doo. (That’s freaking original.)

Just don’t go falling for all that, ‘if I can do it so can you’ bull-shush.

It is a pile of utter twaddle.

You can probably guess I am biting my tongue to keep those swear words at bay.

You see, when you read these quotes, hear them on a TV chat show or at a glitzy awards ceremony. The rich, the famous, the music moguls or film tycoons spouting their mouths off are not actually saying ‘you’ can do it.

Oh, no.

They are saying ‘Look at what I have achieved’, ‘Look at how lucky I am… you sucker.’


Here’s why…

Out of the million wannabes, a few will get the lucky break. Some will just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Most will not.

No matter how hard people work, how talented people are, their dreams will not come true.

If it was all down to sheer graft and raw talent, every slightly above average, all the regular hard-working ‘Joe’s & Jane’s’ of this world would be first-class celebrities.

Only those who get the lucky break make such idiotic and stupid statements saying we can all achieve greatness.

If we were all great, who would keep the world turning while we parked our fat arses on the golden sands of Fucque Island sipping ice-cold glasses of upizzoof champagne cocktails?

The world would be a more honest place if those who didn’t make ‘the big time’ stood up and told how it really was… without the fear of litigation hanging over genuine disclosures.

Chances are, all the disappointed wannabes, the never made its and ‘failures’ might then stop tormenting themselves, stop slicing razors across their flesh in self-punishment.

They may decide not to hang themselves from the rafters on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

I say, stop your lying, stop preaching falsehoods and giving fake hope to millions.

Tell the truth.

Tell the world, luck and good fortune are the true route to fame and fortune, not talent, or more often the lack of talent, anyone holds.

Stop saying you are great, talented, wonderful, and they should aspire to be the same.

Tell people you were lucky, tell people you are grateful and be humbled by your position.

Stop killing our young people by instilling them with unrealistic expectations and unachievable dreams.

Stop with your media enhanced propaganda and bullshite.


What do you think?


Written by Paul White

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