Why Electric Eclectic is causing an internet storm.

Today, I write about a relatively new, but fast-growing way to find new books to read and great authors to follow.

It is called Electric Eclectic books.

Electric Eclectic is a book brand designed to introduce readers to ‘new’ authors. A little like a readers meet authors ‘Tinder’!

It works like this.

Readers browse the Electric Eclectic website, HERE, where you will find a whole plethora of amazing ‘Novelettes’ demonstrating each authors style of writing and narration.

Electric Eclectic novelettes are written by many different authors and cover a large range of genre. So there are books to suite everybody’s taste, from children’s tales and romance to psychological drama and crime fiction.

What’s more, unlike free or giveaway books, each Electric Eclectic Novelette is assessed to ensure wonderful storytelling; so you have no worries about the quality of their books.

With each Electric Eclectic novelette costing just 1.00 (Pound/Euro/Dollar), you can afford to read several authors works to find those you love and want to follow.

When visiting the Electric Eclectic website, you can select your books, see the Electric Eclectic authors, find out all about them and enter the prize draw, where they are giving away £££/$$$ of Amazon gift vouchers.

You can also find these great reads by entering ‘Electric Eclectic books’ into your Amazon search bar, and by visiting their Facebook page.

I say follow Electric Eclectic on Facebook and subscribe to their website to be kept up to date with all the latest news, like their forthcoming paperback ‘Pocket Books’, Proquels, and to find out other ways you could win more Amazon vouchers.

Each day more readers fall in love with Electric Eclectic; why not join them and find out for yourself why Electric Eclectic is becoming THE WAY to find great stories and amazing authors.

Welcome to Electric Eclectic… Welcome to the future.


What do you think?


Written by Paul White

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