“Why do you think is worth watching a movie over and over again?”

Most of you are fanatics of certain actors and actresses, you can’t miss every movie and be amazed whatever the roles portrayed in it. I am one of you who love watching the different type of films. For some reason, I love watching true-to-life stories that can be inspiring for me and to be inspired to be like them in the future. Some people find interesting in film adaptation from novel books. This is how we can find ways to escape from the reality of life. Whenever a feeling of despair or in a depresses state, we tend to watch different types of film genres.

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For some people, they give time to watch films on weekends. Weekends are the only time for them to have a movie marathon. It can be more inspiring to watch these films with the family, either at home or in the theater. The fun moment of preparing some snacks and drinks some beverages. At some point, watching it over and over again showed that the films had captured the inner souls of the individuals.

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Happy endings are not always happened in movies. We should explore the possible endings in despair, loss of someone, traumatic, etc. It will practice the gifted possessions that we have, the emotions. After watching certain movies, it gives us the benefit of the doubt and be a thinker what if the ending story should be in our own preferences. The movie can be relatable for us to know what should be the ending of the story.

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The milestone of our life vary from one person to another, the movie can cover the real situation of life in this world. It wasn’t perfect but we can still able to change its course. There are so many patterns to take life as light as possible. We are still the controller of our lives and never be controlled by anyone. Movies are the gateway to know what we wanted in our life.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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