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What Happened to Quinn?

The end is coming for the Gladiators. Sadly, Scandal will end this year. After seven seasons, it’s finally over. And so, the characters will have to move on. Huck has been testifying about B613. Abby, Jake, David Rosen, and others have come to a point where there’s not much left for them to do. Mellie is finally in the seat of power at the White House, and Fitz has found a new raison d’être for his life outside of politics. Even Cyrus has found a new love interest.

But if you thought that Quinn and Charlie were just going to ride off into the sunset with their baby, think again! Eli kidnapped Quinn on her wedding day, and in the last episode before the Christmas break, he was threatening Olivia he would kill Quinn. Olivia’s mother went so far as to suggest Olivia should let it happen because of the secrets Quinn knew.

Did Eli shoot Quinn? What will become of Olivia if Quinn is dead? Then again, what will become of Olivia if Quinn lives to tell what happened to her?

It’s all very exciting, and we’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity to find out. The waiting is almost over. Scandal returns January 18th with a new episode, where we will find out Quinn’s fate and more. There are only a handful of episodes left before the series finale. Get a sneak preview in the teaser video, above.


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Written by Blue Sailor