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Victory is Near

I wrote this song a week ago, on Friday. I was cooking dinner and this melody just kept running through my head and I had to take a break and write this. I use a music writing program where I imput each note by itself, and I listen to each chord and nuance, then once the song is perfect which might take a while, I let it sit on the computer for a while, then I come back to it, listen a few more times and then if I have inspiration for a video, I put the song into my video processing program and find pictures from my phone and computer.  If not, then I put the song into Spotify, itune, Deezer, Naptster and other streaming services. This song, Victory is Near is on those streaming services.

The cover is a picture of the Old City of Jerusalem and I wrote the title and my name on the picture. Enjoy this beautiful song!


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