Connection Between Coronavirus and Assange

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Assange has been isolated for 3,396 days, without any sunlight, in solidarity confinement in UK. He is being spied on 24/7 as his health slowly deteriorates.  I think 3,396 is around 9.3 years.

Since 2009, USA has been working on creating deadly virus for the depopulation agenda. Wikileaks had exposed similar viruses created by USA, developed in labs, in the past.

Political leaders are laughing about the Coronavirus because they knew about it. Meanwhile, many people in USA are hoarding food and toilet paper, fearing martial arts and New World Order will be next, after the order out of chaos caused by the panicking public.

No such thing a natural disaster. All are created and manmade by the Zionist Elitists for the New World Order agenda.

He mentions that grocery stores all over the world are empty, and many people complaining that there aren’t any toilet papers, caused by panicking public hoarding food and toilet paper.


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