Two Florida Highway Patrolmen save a man who wanted to end his life


It is a shame that the powers that be that run the national news show on television use the end of their newscasts to share these kinds of stories of the great work that the police do to save the life of a man who had intentions of ending his life by jumping off of the Sunshine Parkway Bridge which is located in Tampa Florida.

The name of the man who was suffering from a severe case of depression was ready to take his own his life by standing near the ledge of the bridge when Florida Highway Patrol Officers Sergeant Steve Gaskins and his partner Tabarie Sullivan answered the call of duty to make an attempt to save the man whose name was not released to the public from taking the plunge from the bridge to the water below.

Sergeant Gaskins was the officer who was closest to the man who attempted to end his life when his partner Officer Sullivan used the power of talking the man who wanted to end his life by talking to him that suicide is not the answer to tackle challenges in our lifetime.

It is very evident that Officer Sullivan was able to change the heart and mind of the man who wanted to end his life as the man who wanted to take his own life managed to get his feet onto the road near the ledge when Officer Sullivan managed to tackle the man while his partner managed to pin the man to the ground until medical help arrived.

The man who was saved from taking his own life was taken to a local hospital to be treated for his mental depression that hopefully he will be able to turn his life around from gloom and doom to happiness finding a purpose in his life at last.

The Florida Highway Patrol will be getting some good likes when this story makes it to the social media sites since the internet is one way to get out the good news of the world today than relying on the national news media to share some good news.


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