Tom Hollans would like Tobey McGuire to be in a Spider Man movie

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It would be a dream for actor Tom Holland to work with actor Tobey McGuire who made three Spider Man movies before passing the mantle to actor Andrew Garfield.

Holland in a perfect world would like to work with McGuire who would play the role of his uncle Ben Parker in a future Spider Man Homecoming movie.

Since Holland is a young man in the entertainment industry, he has great ideas for the future of the “Spider Man Homecoming” to have Ben Parker in a movie since many fans of the Spider Man would like to see some fresh ideas instead of recycled materials in the movies.


What do you think?

Written by Deepizzaguy

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    • Both Tobey and Tom are great actors to play the Spider-Man character. It would be nice to see Tobey play the role of Ben Parker instead of the same old story that Spider-Man regrets his failure to prevent the thief from the sports arena from breaking into the home of the Parkers and rubbing out Ben. Come on some happy stories for a change.

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