This was another television show of the late eighties like ‘The Wonder Years’.  This was the series of the ‘Wonder Years’ gang in their thirties.  If I remember right the characters of ‘Thirtysomething’ would have memories of their times growing up. I remember one episode of ‘Thirtysomething’ when young Michael was running for student council at his junior high just as Kevin did at his back in the day. This was also the drama that the characters wanted to do something that they liked, but the everyday adult worries and duties took over the dreams of being creative, even though these characters did try to keep the dreams they had back then of be literary.  I always thought the characters wanted to be writers just like I did and am, but I am not a BabyBoomer but a Generation X person.

Here is a list of the characters of each show and which characters seem the same:  This is the way I see them but how to you see how the characters are related?

Kevin and Michael

Winnie and Hope

Paul and Elliot

Becky and Nancy

Melissa and Kevin

Ellyn and Winnie

Gary and everyone


What do you think?


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