The Mysterious Color Purple

Sunday, August 5, 2018

This weekend, I attended two concerts at the park. On Saturday afternoon, I checked out a country music band, Kellye Band. And, this evening, I went to Undercover band, which is a Pop music band. I noticed that they sang a lot of Prince songs. And, the last song they sang was Purple Rain.

All of the sudden, I was thinking about all the celebrities who were associated with the color purple in some way. And, I wondered if they really liked the color, or it was just symbolism.

Oprah Winfrey, or her real name is Orpah Winfrey, and the movie, The Color Purple.

Prince and his song Purple Rain

Donny Osmond and his purple socks. I still have my Donny and Marie dolls, and the Donny doll also wears purple socks. Both Donny and Marie dolls wear a fancy purple outfit.

Many crisis actors in false flags wore purple.

The Joker wears a Purple and Green outfit, along with the Psycho Clown Face, regardless of who is playing Joker.

I think there are many more. I just can’t think of the rest.

So, I also think the color purple has political symbolism. Also, remember that red and blue placed next to each other is symbolism for satanism, and red and blue make the color purple.

I like the song in this video, but I am not sure who is singing. According to this video, purple and green are Illuminati colors. Purple symbolizes the Elites and Green symbolizes their greediness, which leads to interest for the NWO.


What do you think?


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