The Liar by Nora Roberts

I hope there are more Nora Roberts fans out there besides me. I have read her books before, but, cannot remember which ones. I am reading one of hers right now. It is called The Liar.

It is about a woman named Shelby Pomeroy married to a person she thought she knew, but, found out otherwise. He had a boating accident a day after Christmas and supposedly died. They did not find his body. She found out all kinds of things about him and felt very ashamed and foolish that he fooled her so badly. She gave birth to a baby girl and he pretended he wanted more children but she found out he visited a doctor in New York when he told her he was going on a business trip that he had a vasectomy. She was heartbroken when she was not getting pregnant and he led her on. That was one lie. Others were that she found out he had another identity and cheated on her. When she tried to sell her wedding ring or engagement right he bought her she found out it was a fake. He left her with so much debt because he felt she was responsible in running the home and taking care of her daughter and that he would handle the finances. A PI visited her because he owed 3 million dollars to his client and he thought she may know more than she led on when he questioned her. She wanted to figure out how to get out of the debt so arranged with all to pay so much off and she worked very hard to figure out how to do it. She never liked to house he bought without consulting her and the realtor turned out to be a very nice woman that helped her with things.

She just wanted to make a dent in the debt he left her with and wanted to go back home to her family in Tennessee. When she got back there one of her brothers was mad at her and so was her best friend. She had to figure out how to make amends to them. The PI followed her to Tennessee and she found out he did and talked to her brother, who was a policeman, for help. He followed the guy around town and got him alone and told him not to bother his sister for the mess her husband made because she had nothing to do with it and to get out fo town. I am not finished with the book so will stop here.

I want to say that Nora Roberts is an excellent writer and I enjoy her book very much. There is so much in that you will not regret picking it up and reading it. She knows how to relax the reader. I highly recommend this book.


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  1. Thanks, Doc for sharing that. I took a look at the link you provided here, but, have not seen those movies. I have Netflix and do not believe any of them are on it here in Israel. We do not always get here what others get.

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