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The Best New Country Songs

I posted a few days ago about my favorite songs, and the best cover songs.  Now I wanted to post about the best new Country songs.  It’s my favorite genre of music, so I just had to share what I love.  Some of these may not be considered Country to some people.  That’s your choice to believe it is or is not.  I am just going by what it is classified as on the radio.  I realize after adding my choices, they are all songs from male singers/groups.  I may do a second edition with female singers in the future, or feel free to add songs from female country musicians that you enjoy.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will enjoy my list!

#4 Drake White – Livin’ The Dream

Drake White is a pretty new artist (at least to me). I loved this song the first time I heard it. It's about not having a lot, but still living a dream. You don't need much, but as long as you have love that's all you need.

Here are a few lyrics from the song

"Look at us with a picket fence
Don't got a lot of money but we're making a dent
Old Ford truck with a dog in the back
Now ain't we livin' the dream
Big blue sky, green, green grass
Ain't doin' half bad for a half full glass
Kiss me baby yeah just like that now
Ain't we livin' a dream"

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