Tarantino's Once Upon A Time in Hollywood movie review

Sunday, August 25, 2019

It is a hot day in the 80s, with 50% humidity. It felt much hotter and humid to me. I decide to go to the movie theater to check out the new Quentin Tarantino film, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood at the newly remodeled Edwards UTC theater. I decide to go to the 12:40 pm showing. When I bought the ticket at the food counter, I was informed that I have a free small popcorn credit on my Regal Movie Card for my recent birthday. I decided to use it before it expires because I am not sure when I will watch the next movie.

It was an interesting movie, paying homage to vintage Hollywood media industry, particularly in 1969, filled with douchebag characters, played by douchebag actors, resurrecting vintage late actors. It is a typical Tarantino film, filled with nostalgic iconic scenes of late celebrities as well as vintage moves and TV shows. It is similar to Pulp Fiction style, but different douchebags living a desiccated life. I think all of Tarantino’s films have a similar style and theme, but with different actors and story. It was like Tarantino was saying his farewell to the downhill of the media industry, old movies, late iconic actors and shows, and that so-called celebrity star status, surrounded by bright camera flashes, paparazzi, and adoration. All the characters in the movie resemble jaded has-beens, feeling hopeless and lost, a living carefree life, which included skanky cults hitchhiking to perform certain acts, which include murder.

There wasn’t any real acting in this movie. It was mostly light, with cameo roles of resurrected late actors, in which some I haven’t even heard of. There was some action and bloody gory scenes, maybe to resurrect Hollywood’s slasher and zombie movies. Some celebrities kids were in this movie, which included Margaret Qually, Maya Hawke, and Rumer Willis. 

But it was an interesting break to escape the August heat. I mostly enjoyed the comedy of some corny scenes. But I wouldn’t give it a 6-minute standing ovation. It is just a light and entertaining film to watch for fun, but nothing to brag about.


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