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If a superhero wears a mask, can you trust them?

I am just starting to wonder if I am starting to live in an alternate version of Earth these days. A superhero movie critic named Damon Lindelof who is suggesting that the modern superhero movies like the Marvel Studios and D C Entertainment Universe (DCEU) have superhero characters who wear masks to conceal their secret identities means you cannot trust them to be your guardian angels.

Okay so Batman is not exactly an angel fighting crime in Gotham City since during his lifetime as a child he witnessed the death of his parents in Crime Alley in Gotham City as a young Bruce Wayne who was raised by his butler Alfred Pennyworth who wanted to avenge the death of his parents as Batman which is the reason he is nastier than the late Adam West version of Batman.

Maybe one reason that the movie “Justice League” only made around $96 million dollars in the North American box office this weekend which was a disappointment to the executives at Warner Brothers and the D C E U was that we have super hero movie burnout.

The Warner Brothers Studios were expecting around $110 million dollars to made in the box office in North America. Even though “Justice League” was not a flop, the powers that be at Warner Brothers in my view decided to play copycat with their arch rival Marvel Studios who have had huge success in the box office with their roster of super heroes for a long time by having an extra scene at the end of the Justice League movie.

I am just playing Devil’s Advocate but maybe just maybe “Justice League” was not a huge blockbuster hit in the box office this weekend in North America is that there are a lot of super heroes from the D C Comics roster on the C W Network like “The Flash”, “Supergirl” and “Arrow” not to mention “Gotham” which is on the Fox television network.

In my view even if Warner Brothers made a Super Friends updated movie like I suggested to them that they should be making for movie fans to see, I doubt that a “Super Friends” movie would be able to gain a huge movie audience since that cartoon would not attract younger movie fans who never heard of that super hero group.

The reason many super heroes wear masks to protect their secret identities is that a lot of them are either married or engaged to be married to their opposite gender love and they do not want people to come to the home of the superhero to beg them on both knee pleading with Bruce Wayne who is secretly Batman to save Gotham City.

Just one more Devil’s Advocate point to ponder why “Justice League” was not a blockbuster hit movie but not a flop is that maybe just maybe the negative reports of Ben Affleck’s off the stage indiscretions with some females before the movie was to be released may have dented the armor of the justice League movie super armor.

It makes me laugh Damon just did not come out and admit that having so many super hero movies that do not teach life lessons and provide an entertainment value for our hard earned movie was a reason that “Justice League” got beaten by the success of the Marvel movie “Thor: Ragnarok”.


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