Squeaky wheels get a lot of grease in the entertainment industry

I do remember the original Hawaii Five O that played on the Columbia Broadcasting Service from 1968-1980 that was a very good television show that I enjoyed seeing the Hawaii State Police battling the bad guys on television in both Panama and the U S after my relatives left the former Canal Zone in Panama in 1978.

There is something that really interests me is that with the departures of actor Daniel Dae Kim and actress Grace Park after seven seasons on the newer version of the show which I never really caught on as my form of entertainment.

Maybe being an old school Catholic who likes his television shows with no swearing, characters dressing decently and some good old fashioned battles between the police and bad guys with the good guys winning may be outdated in this generation is one reason I usually reply when an entertainer who is a minority complains that they are not paid enough to pay the characters on the show like Park and Kim who are of Asian ancestry my original punchline is “Cry me a Gatun Lake.” which means that Gatun Lake is a man made lake in Panama.

Maybe Kim and Park are not paid enough compared to their co-stars on the show since they are not exactly household names in the industry in America compared to A list celebrities.

My view is that when an entertainment writer claims that CBS is racist for not paying Kim and Grace their market value after seven seasons on the show, it is as fake as Gatun Lake being a real lake.

If I were Kim and Park, trade places with me and sell pizzas for that company that owned by former Detroit Tigers owner Tom Monaghan for minimum wage for 20 years and take vile insults from customers for 20 years for late deliveries and maybe you won’t be using the excuse that being a minority in the entertainment industry is preventing you from playing roles that are given to big name movie and television stars today who are Caucasian.

As my late dad always advised me on handing tough times “It is like water off a duck.” I  am sure that Park and Kim should be thankful that they worked seven years on the show and it is time to move on or else be typecast as knockoffs of the original cast members of the show who are longer with us rolling in their graves.


What do you think?

Written by Deepizzaguy

Satire writer, loves WordGirl cartoons, baseball fan and an old school hero fan.


  1. That is what many of us people who live in the lower class will never understand why a person who money to buy us a smile (A joke from the Mexican sitcom The Kid From Number Eight) at griping that they do not get paid enough money to work on a movie or television show. I guess the rich person never heard of the saying “Be happy with what you have.”

  2. I loved the original Five-O I wish someone was airing it in reruns. I have seen this new version a few times wasn’t too impressed. The actors are good but the music was too loud and drowned out dialogue it seemed. Also, the whole Danny and McGarrett arguing all the time grated on my nerves big time. In the original people felt Danny was too complacent well in the remake he was too defiant, it was like they couldn’t find a middle ground. As for Daniel Dae Kim great actor loved him on Lost and think he wasn’t utilized right here, Park is good as well also not well utilized, to me they could do better. But you do have a valid point actors are paid a whole lot more than we are, so what if it’s not equal pay if I were making thousands per episode I wouldn’t be standing around asking what my co-star is making than getting mad that it was more, I guess I just don’t understand their plight because mine seems worse in comparison, but than most average individuals don’t.

  3. My belief is that the actors who are leaving the show do not want to typecast as detectives and they are using the lack of pay angle to cover their tracks.