Some Questions I have About Virily

There are a few questions I have about Virily. I have been away for about a month and just started being active again the past few days. Hopefully someone knows the answers to some or all of my questions.

Why are my viril counts, under the “Today” heading, fluctuating wildly up and down, sometimes within minutes? Every time I check, it is different, even when I know for certain there has been no activity. And sometimes they go down as well for no apparent reason.

Why don’t I have any virils for January, today, or this week on my dashboard? Everything is zero. Although my total virils goes up.

Is there supposed to be a forum somewhere? I can’t find it. But I have a section on my dashboard for forums. I would really like to see that so I can participate. Is it something Virily is working on?

Since I have no virils supposedly for January and February, will I still get paid for these months? Is anyone getting paid right now?

What do you think?

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  1. There are some problems on the site, some of us are writing about that, you can also check out my recent Virily themed posts, there are many information about that and some other things too. The dashboard just isn’t updating orderly so it just isn’t showing the right amount every day but your money is still there. And it will be updated eventually!….. 😉 Forum is in the process of making, that was our idea because of the problems on the site while admins are rarely there to answer, so they decided to make one! 😉

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