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Share one of your Good and Bad experience on virily

I couldn’t have good experience on virily because I am new on virily but the bad experience is that when ever we post something its approved after 24 hours. We couldn’t know they approve or rejecte it. So waiting and waiting is worst experience

What’s your experience share it in comments.


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Written by Ali Raza

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  1. I am from the very beginning in virily. Here are many honest people who will always support you. I left for a certain time because the site was going very slowly. And I did not have an excess of free time. And here I am again here. Be patient and with constant presence and change your mind.

  2. Well first off – it is a known site policy regarding posts so, while that may be frustrating it is a detailed and posted rule. Normally they notify you via message when the posts are not approved.

    The site has evolved a lot in the past year and a 1/2 that I have been posting here. The number of things that have been added and improved is impressive.

    post loading times with multiple pictures have improved
    In the past, you could comment on pictures, but the author couldn’t reply, now the author can reply to your comment as well!
    The social media and login process used to die frequently, it hasn’t gone down in more than 6 months
    Those are just a few of the site positive!

    The biggest negative right now is the actual authors. The negativity of the author community is getter worse.

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