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Friday, 9.4.20

This morning, I woke up early because Gumby was demanding to be fed. Afterwards, I turned on the TV, on an indie channel, and I watched the 2014 movie Rosewater. Written, directed, and produced by Jon Stewart, the movie describes Maziar Bahari’s experience in solitary confinement in Iran to break him. 

This happens everywhere, all over the world, to many journalists, bloggers and activists in order to silence them. Some are even killed. 

#1 Rosewater TRAILER 1 (2014) – Gael García Bernal, Jon Stewart Drama HD

Rosewater, a 2014 Jon Stewart movie, based on a true story about Maziar Bahari, an Iranian Journalist, working for the BBC, who was arrested, detained, interrogated and tortured in Iran for 118 days because of what he was writing about Iran for the BBC. BBC stands for those Bloody Beelzeebub Cunts anyway. This movie is about many imprisoned journalists, activists, and bloggers. It is a movie about freedom of speech, exposing the truth that the Zionists don’t want exposed, and censorship. This happened during 2009.

Maziar Bahari was played by Mexican actor, Gael Garcia Bernal, who also played Che Ernesto Guevara in Motorcycle Diaries.

#3 Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari discuss new film ‘Rosewater’ at the Newseum

Maziar Bahari is interviewed in this video, along with Jon Stewart. Jon states that some parts of the movie were fictional for narrative purposes.  Maziar Bahari states that Citizen Journalists on the internet are replacing the Network News on the Zionist mainstream media. Based on true story movies are often dramatized and fictionalized to tell a story.

#4 Maziar Bahari, Gael Garcia Bernal & Jason Jones: Rosewater Interview

In this video, Maziar Bahari and Gael Garcia Bernal are interviewed about the movie, Rosewater. Gael states that Mexico is a dangerous place for journalists.

Bahari describes being in solitary confinement as being deprived on all senses in a small room with just walls. They are often blindfolded and they cannot touch anything, accept the wall. Their taste and smell often changes. He states that the food he ate tasted like cardboard. He worked for crappy network news. Solitary confinement is often used to torture innocent victims to make them appear guilty, like what they were doing to Julian Assange and Bradley/Chelsea Manning.


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