Remake of Real Life Crime Story, Billionaire Boys Club

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Xmas Eve 2019.  I lounged all day. When I turned on my computer, the first video that popped up on my desktop was about Kevin Spacey’s new movie. I clicked on the People Magazine article to read about Kevin Spacey returning to the spotlight about his pedophilia allegations, which has recently grown to be the big topic among many celebrities. Anyway, now, Kevin is promoting his new movie, Billionaires Boys Club. I guess it is a remake of the old one, which I have seen back in the 80s. The eighties TV movie is about a group of young men who started their own business, similar to their own secret society. I think there were corruption, drugs and rape involved in the movie, which involved raping whores and killing them. According to the article, this movie hasn’t been making much money yet, probably because of Kevin Spacey defiled image as a pedophile. I barely remember the first one because I think I was in college when I watched the TV movie. So, I am curious what this remake is like.

I found the original movie of the Billionaire Boys Club from 1987, which is about Joe Hunt. It stars Judd Nelson, Brian McNamara, Jill Schoeleon, and other actors. This Billionaire Boys Club was formed by Joe Hunt. This movie was based on real life crime story. After I graduated from college, I was working at May Company part-time, and I met a guy who said he knew someone with the Billionaire Boys Club.


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