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Quarantine's Savoir Vivre [part 1]

By now most of us are probably quarantined, under lock down, and not allowed to go around and lead our normal lives.

As I mentioned before, Greece is just a step before a total lockdown. At the moment we are allowed to go out in case of emergency, to do our daily jogging, walk the dog etc but only after notification and confirmation from the authorities (and always we need to stay near our home)

So, what do we do if we are stuck at home every day, all day long?

Well, that would depend on our character, our activities, mentality etc .. but many of us will find a good opportunity to clean our lockers, our wardrobe, our warehouse etc etc etc.

This practically means that we will start filling the garbage/recycle bins with all sort of trash!Imagine if everyone would do that!

The people taking away the trash are already tired, they do not get to stay at home to rest like some other people and they will have to put up with all our garbage! Plus with the risk of contamination (Especially when it comes to the recycle bins, where the classification is also done manually)

Instruction Number 1 – when in quarantine

. Be more cautious with your garbage.

Pay extra attention to the garbage you throw away on a daily basis.Be thoughtful to the guy(s) picking up your trash and do not take this lock down as an opportunity to get rid of anything you do not want in the house.

Instead, find ways to transform old clothes/tools etc to functional things, be creative – don’t be a jerk!

Besides, you will probably have plenty of time chilling, relaxing and experiencing absolute boredom (or rest if you prefer)

This is my Kiki (my 3 legged cat)

She is also affected by quarantine, finding new ways to lay her body..

How can I ..

not share the sunset of today?

I try to go walking at least once a day and this still something we are allowed to do in Greece.So every time I catch another sunset, and believe it or not – I recharge my batteries and it gives me power to last another day – until next sunset

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Don’t talk.Act.Don’t say.Show.Don’t promise.Prove.

Thanks once more for visiting, lets hold on together during these difficult times and let it be the start of a better new world… for us and for the next ones.

Stay safe 🙂

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