President Donald Trump invites Russian President Putin to visit US.

American President Donald Trump wrote on his social networking website on Twitter, that I want to improve relations with Russia, Meeting with Putin in Helsinki was extremely successful, In the meeting, he discussed several important matters including Israel’s security, nuclear expansion, cyber attacks, trade, Ukraine, and North Korea. Trump further said that he want another meeting with Putin, so that the implementation of the issues set out in the first meeting can begin.

White House spokesman Sarah Sander said in a tweet, In the meeting in Helsinki, the US and Russia presidents agreed to continue bilateral and bilateral talks between the security officials of the two countries.US President Trump has directed National Security Advisory Mr. Bolton to issue an invitation to the Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit the United States.

On the other hand, American intelligence chief Daniel  Coats said, That  he does not know about the interaction between American and American leaders that what was discussed.

Be clear Shortly before, after meeting in Helsinki, President Trump was criticized in America.


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